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2. General Conditions for the Use of www.visualspeller.com

2.1. Use of the Website

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This website aims to promote activities that improve learning.

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The content of this website is updated periodically, which may result in the loss of certain information stored on the site. By using this website you agree that the owners will in no event be liable for the possible loss of information you save on this site.

2.2. Free Access

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2.3. User Registration

In order for the program to work correctly, you are requested to create a user ID on this website. This is important because the information you work with is specific to you and this information is recorded after each session.

2.4. Authorized Use of Website

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The owners of this website reserve the right to pursue legal actions against anyone who violates these terms and conditions of authorized use.

2.5. Links

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2.6. Use of Material

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2.7. Privacy Policy

In compliance with the provisions set forth in Spanish Law 15/1999 of 13th December on personal data protection, www.visualspeller.com informs you of the following considerations:

Any personal data we collect will be stored in our data files and used to allow you to access your personal content on this website, to save this content when you log off and allow you to access it when you log on, to inform you of changes to the website or offers related to the site.

If you wish to exercise your right to access, modify, cancel or oppose the use of your personal information, you should contact us through the electronic mail address indicated on our home page.

3. Copyright and Trademark Notice

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Violation of copyright, trademark or other applicable laws could result in legal actions on behalf of www.visualspeller.com.

4. Liability

Use of the website: Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely your responsibility and all information is presented “as is”. It is up to you to determine that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements. By accessing this website, you agree that www.visualspeller.com may not be held liable for any incorrect, illegal or negligent use, and you agree to access it at your own risk.

Possible damage to hardware/software: www.visualspeller.com will apply the necessary measures to avoid viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other possibly harmful elements from entering the site. However, these methods are not infallible and www.visualspeller.com makes no guarantees of the absence of these potentially harmful elements. Therefore, www.visualspeller.com will not be held liable for any possible damage to your hardware or software.

5.Reliance on the website

We will do our best to avoid the unavailability or interruption of services or features of www.visualspeller.com. However, since we cannot guarantee that the site will be permanently available, we will not be held liable for damage or loss of information in the case of any failure in the performance beyond our control.

6. Applicable Law

Any dispute involving this website or its contents shall be brought in the applicable court having jurisdiction over such dispute which is located in Barcelona, Spain.