Effortless spelling

The Gabarró Method for English

Reduce your errors by up to 80%

This website is part of an innovative methodology for reducing errors by up to 80%, in a short time. The complete project also includes a video, a handbook for teachers and a workbook. All the materials are published by Boira Editorial.

Improve your spelling using your visual memory

People with good spelling can see the words in their minds. This program will help you do the same.

The free version of the program is restricted to a specific number of words, while the premium version allows for unlimited words of the user's choice. Try the free version now!

Customize your study vocabulary

You will learn the words that are most often subjected to being spelled wrong. You will be able to add your own vocabulary. The program will ask you in an intelligent way, insisting on the words you are worst at. You will improve considerably by taking no more than two sessions of 10 minutes each per day.

First visualization, then rules, then dictionary

When we write a word, the image of it should automatically appear in our visual memory. If not we will look for a rule for it, finally if we still do not know how to spell it, we will look it up in the dictionary or search for other similar resources. After that, we will we able to integrate that word into our visual memory for the future. This program helps integrating the words we write most often into our visual memory.